Saturday, 27 April 2013

All About | DIXI

If you're looking for some new key pieces of jewellery then this post is the one for you. Dixi is an online store that will be launching various new collections this Sunday (28th April). If you have an eye for classic jewellery with a bit of a twist then please keep reading to get previews of the collections that will be available.

Above are some little gems from the new Vintage Collection which are wonderfully eye catching pieces that will add a vintage vibe to any look. The turquoise stones really pop and I love the contrast of the metals on the ring in the middle. I've not seen a ring like this before and Dixi jewellery is perfect for gifts or for yourself as they ooze a unique quality.
A second collection that is going to be launched on Sunday is the Luxe Bohemian Collection. I personally adore these items and think they're ideal for summer and the festival season. Dixi jewellery is good to pair with any outfit and creates an effortless look which is sure to get you compliments on your divine jewellery. I love the sunglasses in this collection and will be picking up a pair before my holiday! The rings again are beautiful and suit an array of tastes. The Luxe Bohemian Collection has an earthy feel to it which I really like and am tempted to get all of the above pieces. 

Last but by no means least there will be the Woodstock Collection. This collection seems slightly more natural than the others and seems inspired by peace and floral elements. The collection really is beautiful as you can see and the pieces are just getting better and better. 

Dixi will be opening on Sunday the 28th of April with some divine pieces. If the pictures aren't tempting enough then enter the code: BLOGGER10 at the checkout to get 10% off. This code is only valid for 7 days until the 6th of May so make good use of it and have fun looking for some stunning spring jewellery. 
Will you be checking out Dixi and what is your favourite collection? Thanks for reading! 



Friday, 26 April 2013

All About | Illuminating Products

Today's post is all about those products that make your face glow. I've got three top picks that I turn to in spring/summer to add a bit of shimmer to the cheeks and highlight specific areas. During the summer months every girl wants to emphasis those cheek bones, the brow bone and cupids bow. These are three different types of highlighting products that I believe work wonders.

For a liquid highlighter I recommend the No7 Skin Illuminator (peach). This is a very new purchase of mine but I had to include it because it's divine. The only flaw I have with it is the packaging as it's a brush applicator which can get a bit messy and can waste some product but once you've got the technique right it's not that bad. The shade is really gorgeous and gives a peachy shimmer to the cheek bones. It's not sticky and sits really well on top of foundation and under powder.
Next for a cream highlight I love the Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Créme (Iced Gold). This product is sadly no more nor is Jemma Kidd which is so sad. I won't talk about it too much as you cannot buy it anymore but for those of you who do this is a reminder to put it into your spring makeup bag! It's a gorgeous milky gold shade which applies easily to the skin. It's lasted me well and is a bit battered - I keep this one for special occasions as I've now hit pan. Such a shame it isn't around anymore but a gorgeous product.
Finally for a powder highlight my favourite is one from Accessorize (Golden Caramel) I bought this ages ago and it's meant to be an eyeshadow but I find it looks beautiful as a highlight too. I'm sure these are very inexpensive and they're such lovely quality!

There you have my three top highlighters, please let me know of any good ones that you use as I'm on the market to try more! I've had my eye on the Topshop ones for a while (are they any good?) Thankyou for reading!



Wednesday, 24 April 2013

All About | Dainty Doll

Hippy Shake / Money Talks / My Girl / You Are My Sunshine

This post is going to be all about the brand Dainty Doll and how their blushes are beautiful. I went into Boots the other day especially to check out some of their products as I have fair skin. I'd never tried anything from them before and was on the hunt for some good bits. To my horror there was a Dainty Doll stand but it was empty - there were no products at all. I came home and went onto Debenhams and they only have one Dainty Doll item left. Which made me think, are Dainty Doll going under?

So I went onto trusty Amazon to find a range of Dainty Doll products being sold really cheaply. I thought I'd snap this up so ordered four of their blushes and I've never spent a better £10. Yes I got all four of these blushes for £10 which makes me think they really are going to be discontinued? If you can get your hands on any of these then do as they are wonderfully pigmented and are unique colours I've never seen before. 

Hippy Shake is a my favourite and it's a gorgeous lilac colour like nothing I've ever seen before. It looks beautiful on pale skin and is an all year round sort of shade. Money Talk is a taupe/bronze which is perfect to contour with and would look lovely in the warmer months. My girl is a bright baby pink which is super pigmented but blended out gives the cheeks a rosy glow and finally You Are My Sunshine is a peachy coral - gorgeous for summer. Overall I'm really pleased with these blushes and I hope Dainty Doll continue to produce more products of such high quality.

Do you own any Dainty Doll blushes? Do you know anymore about the brand than I do? Thanks for reading!



Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring Wishlist #1

This is my first ever post in the blogging world and it's been a long time coming. I've been undecided as to whether or not I should start a blog for a while now, but decided to go for it as it gives me a break from working and revision etc! My fist post is what is on my spring wishlist at the moment. Enjoy!

These are a few item I've been loving on the Topshop website recently and I think they are all perfect for spring. I am really liking the fact that dungarees are coming back in and think they're so simple yet can make an outfit look like a lot of effort has been put in when actually you've just thrown them over a crop top. They look so effortless and I think they're a perfect spring wardrobe essential. They could easily be paired with this gorgeous crop top.  
Topshop have these jersey crop tops in so many colours but this peachy coral really stood out and would add a bit of colour to any outfit. I really like the rolled up sleeves and it would go nicely with dungarees or anything high waisted. Moving on, this gorgeous crossbody bag seems ideal for spring. It looks fairly big and has a nice strap to either hold or wear over the body. The colour is gorgeous and will match most things. 
Next is this divine black and white striped dress, the shape of this dress will be so flattering and it hits the monochrome trend. It would look lovely paired with a pair of sandals or heels and again looks effortless - I think the value for money with this dress is amazing. Finally my eyes were drawn to this vibrant blue nail polish in AWOL. Bright colours are always fun and the Topshop nail polishes are really good quality so this would be five pounds well spent. 

Do you like any of the items above or do you have a spring wishlist of your own? Please leave me links to posts etc as I'm fairly new and would read your blogs. Thanks for reading!