Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Review | Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm

Today I'm reviewing the Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm and how much I love it and it's changed the way I do my base for makeup. I bought this a month or so ago now as I was in need of something lightweight with a good SPF in for when I was away in Greece last week. I've heard a lot about this product and after trying a really awful Maybelline BB cream I thought I'd give this ago. At £18 I was expecting good things and this met all my expectations and more. 

This Beauty Balm literally sinks into the skin no fuss, I use my fingers to apply it and it sinks in seamlessly. I was weary as the previous BB cream had been very orange and as it came in only one shade it was just too dark for my fair skin. Although this Dr Jart+ one also only comes in one shade it is an original Korean brand and has been designed for all skin types - it isn't too dark or orange for me and blends in a dream. This BB cream has encouraged me to start using mineral powder too - if you prefer a dewy look then this isn't necessary as this leaves your skin looking supple and evened out. You can buy this product from Boots and I honestly love this product even if I've had it for a few weeks and highly recommend it if you're looking for something more lightweight for summer (it also has a pretty good SPF of 25). Please let me know if you have tried this beauty balm or if you have another favourite? Thankyou for reading! 



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