Monday, 12 August 2013

Autumn Wishlist #2

So here is week two for my Autumn wishlist posts throughout August! Hope you enjoy and comment letting me know if you like the pieces I've chosen. 

First up is this gorgeous little black dress from Topshop, I love this dress as it is plain/simple but still oozes elegance and sophistication. I'm fairly tall and find it falls in all the right places, hiding all my lumps and love handles! This dress would look gorgeous with some black wedges or some nude heels. The picture isn't very clear but the top half is embroided with tiny cut out flowers adding texture and exquisite detailing. 
This may be a very Zara heavy wishlist but there new season clothes are so gorgeous. I'm in love with this silk striped shirt and feel it can be dressed up with a tube skirt or dressed a bit more casual with black skinny jeans and flats. Either way I think it's a staple shirt which looks like more effort has been made than what actually has. I'm sure the quality is divine and I just love the chic vibe it gives out. Now I need a new winter coat (this may just be my justification) but no - my last winter coat is about 4 years old and has definitely seen better days. As pale/pastel pinks are coming on trend this Autumn I thought no better way then to purchase this cheeky number. I'm not really one for colour but this subtle pink hue shade is not too 'in your face' and is therefore right up my street. I fall even more in love with it each time I see it and I hope one day it will be mine! Vans are something I've wanted for a long time, I love how they can be so practical yet can be paired with cute socks, tights or bare legs and still create a grungey look. I think I would opt for black ones as they would go with most clothes I own and I really think they'd be ideal for uni and walking around a lot. Finally is quite possible my most wanted item on the list. The Zara Office City Bag has been raved about pretty much for the whole of 2013 and I haven't really been too fussed about getting one. However I am hopefully starting uni in September and feel this would be the most perfect and practical bag for me. It has lots of compartments and fits lots in - it's definitely at the top of my wishlist!

So there's my second Autumn wishlist: please comment on any of the pieces you have/like and thankyou for reading! 




  1. I totally recommend the office city bag, it wears really well and it's great for uni, thats what I use mine for :D xx

  2. Yeah will definitely get it! Thankyou :) xx

  3. Gorgeous blog! :) I don't know if you've seen the H&M city bag dupe? It's lovely, too! :) x

    1. Thank you! Yeah I'm gonna have a look at it properly soon as the Zara one is out of stock! Do you have the h & m one? I need something that will fit my laptop in and stuff for uni that's all! X