Sunday, 20 October 2013

All About ~Autumnal Blush

If you read my blog or any of my recent posts you'll know that I love love love Autumn and everything about it. I've already written a post on my favourite Autumn lipsticks and now I'm going to be writing about my favourite blushes to wear during Autumn time.

Above are a mixture of shades that I love wearing during Autumn and I will touch on each of them individually and why I love them so.  There is a mixture of high street and slightly pricier products so there is guaranteed something for everyone! 

1. NARS - Luster: This is my first and only NARS blush and it's made me want to venture out into the huge world of NARS blushers as it's just so divine. This shimmery (but not too shimmery) apricot shade is sure to add the right amount of glow to anyones cheeks. I love the way it compliments my skin tone, as I have fair skin this can sometimes be hard to do but this one does it spot on. I know NARS blushes seem expensive but you're definitely paying for a quality product here and I don't have anything similar in my collection. 

2. MAC - Margin: Again MAC blushes can seem a little on the pricey side but you're (again) paying for guaranteed quality and paying for what you get. This shade is slightly deeper and a rustier tone to the NARS blush but it's equally as gorgeous. This settles beautifully creating a striking Autumnal hue to the tops of the cheek bones. I tend to opt for this if I'm not wearing much eye make up as it creates a statement for the face and goes well with a similar shade lip. 

3. Dainty Doll - Money Talks: If you're on more of a budget than I'd highly recommend a blush from Dainty Doll, I have four shades from the brand and they all impress me. Money Talks is the most suitable shade for Autumn. It's a taupe shade which effortlessly adds an iridescent element to the skin. Ideally this is perfect for fair skin (like with most Dainty Doll products) and beautifully helps to sculpture the face. 

4. Sleek - Pomegranate: The brightest of the bunch is a vivid number from Sleek. The name Pomegranate gives this one a way and it's name is true to colour. The key thing to remember when applying this one is that a little definitely goes along way but if applied correctly it's the most gorgeous berry tone which acts as a flush of colour to the cheeks. 

5. The Body Shop - 05: This final blush is the most classic of the lot, it's a matt peachy shade which can be worn all year around. However it looks just as gorgeous in the Autumn with a nude or berry lip - it really enhances the minimalist look some people love and is perfect for those days when you want something a bit more neutral.  

From top to bottom: The Body Shop 05 / Sleek - Pomegranate / Dainty Doll - Money Talks / 
MAC Margin / NARS Luster 

So there's my top five blushes for Autumn, there's obviously lots of dupes out there for these shades and a huge selection of blushes on the market. These are just some that I find myself wearing a lot during the Autumn time. Please comment and let me know your go-to Autumn blush and thanks for reading! 




  1. Ah I love Sleek Pomegranate! Really want Luster too, but I decided to go for Douceur - just so many to choose from!!

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