Tuesday, 26 November 2013

All About ~ Under £5 products

So I haven't done a blog post in ages as I've been so so busy with uni and assignments! I said to myself that this evening I'd have a bit of me time and watch Disney films and write up a couple of blog posts. This post is going to be on my favourite products which you can get for under £5 and are still excellent quality in my opinion. Hope you enjoy and be sure to comment your recommendations! 

1. Collection Sheer Loose Powder - £2.99: I'm definitely a powder girl and I've never strayed from this Collection one. Although it can look a little heavy I prefer something with more coverage and for me this does the trick. For the price you cannot really complain and if you're going to be experimenting with loose powders than this one is worth a try. 

2. Maybelline Colour Tattoo - £4.99: I'm sure you've heard about these little gems as they've been hyped up just about every where but I couldn't not include them. They're effortless to apply and have such a gorgeous finish. My favourite shades are: Eternal Gold, On and on Bronze and Taupe. 

3. Sleek Shimmer Blushes - £4.49: I only have one sleek blush but that one blush proves enough that for the price the quality of these blushes is amazing. I've seen that they have a good colour range and hope to pick up a few more soon. The shade I have is pomegranate and I think it's a gorgeous shade for Autumn/Winter! 

4. Collection Killer Curves Mascara - £3.99: £.3.99 is a bit of a steal for a mascara that holds curl and adds enough length and volume for an everyday basic make up look or 'no make up day'. I have the waterproof one and it sticks in the rain or in the pool too! I've tried other Collection mascaras in the past and have always been impressed so they're good value for money. 

5. Collection Work the Colour Shadow Pencil - £3.19: These eye shadow sticks are also products which have been talked about over the past few months. I have the shade Hot Chocolate by collection and it's a gorgeous rich chocolatey brown shade. These are so blend able and can be built up for more opaque colour or blended out for just a wash of colour. If you've not tried one yet then you're missing out so go and some if you can. 

6. Collection Ever Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19: I don't need to touch on this too much as everyone has probably tried this and really liked it. For the price the coverage is absolutely great and the consistency divine. A product that I will continue to repurchase for sure. 

That's it for my favourite under five pound products and I hope that you give some of them a try as I highly recommend all of them! Please comment with your recommendations as I am a student and all about budgeting now! Thankyou for reading!



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