Sunday, 30 November 2014

the favourites post - November 2014

As we venture into the month of December, the weather is getting colder, nights are getting shorter there's been a few favourites which have saved my skin and lips this month. Alongside some others which I've thoroughly been enjoying throughout November.

The Boots vitamin E gentle eye cream has been in my stash for a long, long time. It seems to be lasting forever as I use it most mornings. It's lightweight formula is perfect for dotting under the eyes and blending in the morning before applying makeup, as it really hydrates and nourishes the area around the eyes. It is inexpensive and sure lasts a while... so if you're on the hunt for a new eye cream then this one is definitely worth a try.
Onto more intense skincare products, the Hyraluron serum has saved my skin over the last few weeks. A little dot of this spreaded evenly over the face provides powerful hydration especially if you will be outside or in the cold. Your skin instantly feels brighter and more alive once this has been applied.
Wintery scents are an essential throughout the last few months of the year and this Body Shop vanilla eau de toilette fits the wintery scent category perfectly. It's very strong but simply stunning, I get lots of compliments when wearing it, a couple of sprays are enough as it is very powerful but still divine.
For cheeks this month I've been non stop wearing this Sleek blush in the shade Pomegranate, it's a gorgeous pinky plum shade which flatters many skin tones, especially the fairer ones. The formula is well pigmented and easy to blend. Sleek blushes are such good value for money, and there's an array of shades to choose from.
The Réve de Miel lip balm was bound to crop up in one mostly favourites throughout the winter months and November is the one. An amazing lip balm which really nourishes the lips, perfect for daytime or night or whenever they need nourishing...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

brushes: the essentials

 When it comes to makeup brushes there is a lot out there, many high end and a few good drugstore ones too. Every blogger will have glasses/candle jars/ikea pots filled to the brim with various brushes but when it comes down to it how many are used regularly? I've decided to narrow down my favourite five that I use every time I apply my makeup - without fail. These five are all you will need, they are durable, good quality and some are multi purpose which is a huge plus in my books.

The beast of the bunch is the Real Techniques powder brush, I've raved about this one many a time and I'm not going to stop. Whether its powder, bronzer or even blush the massive head evenly distributes the product so it's not too heavy or uneven. The Real Techniques brushes wash so well and even after endless washes it is still as soft as when I first bought it. If you're a fan of RT and this little gem isn't in your collection then you need to invest... you're welcome in advance.

The little sister to the powder brush is also another winner from RT, their buffing brush is probably their most talked about and popular brush and for all good reasons. It applies foundation like a dream but can also double up for applying bronzer and blushes, cream or powder form. It really works the product into the skin and creates flawless results, I'm sure if you're reading this you will have this one in your collection but I couldn't not include it as it really is a miracle worker.

MAC brushes are known for being amazing quality and produce accurate and precise application. The 217 is no exception, again it has been raved about by every blogger and their blog but it really does live up to the expectation. I am the worst at applying eyeshadow, it always looks like I've let my little niece run riot with an eyeshadow palette and her stubby fingers on my lids, but this brush makes applying shadows so much easier. It blends nicely and packs a lot of product onto the lids, it is the most expensive of the bunch but it's my go to when applying shadows so for me its an investment worthwhile.

& other stories is one of my favourite shops to shop in, it's a real experience. The interior is exquisite, the products are divine and they have a pretty decent makeup range. I picked this eyebrow brush up from them on a whim and I haven't strayed from it since. It's nice and dense and really works well when applying shadow to the brows. If you use it lightly it gets the job done a treat, making your brows look fuller yet still natural. I'm eager to try out more of their brushes as this one proves to be so very good, so next time I take a trip to London expect lots of & other stories makeup/brushes reviews...

A spoolie. Kind of a brush, kind of a tool but I thought I would throw it in anyway as every girl knows it's an essential. If you want to keep those brows in check then this is your best friend, I picked this one up via ASOS, it's Daniel Sandler and it was not expensive at all. You can find them anywhere and they all pretty much do the same thing. I run this through my brows before and after doing them in the mornings and it really helps to establish the natural brow shape, making life much easier when it comes to filling them in and more importantly, keeping them in place...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

all about: the berry lip

bottom to top - revlon just bitten kissable balm stain / korres lip butter / maybelline superstay /
 revlon super lustrous lipstick / MUA matte lipstick / topshop lipstick 

It wouldn't be Autumn time without reference to the classic berry lips, full of berry goodness a deep rouge lip with a hint of purple and plum is one of my favourite shades to wear. Especially with winged liner or just a coating of mascara. So I gathered a bunch of my favourites which I enjoy wearing throughout the colder months and they're all different finishes and shades so there's something for everyone. (apologies in advance for the amount of times I say 'berry' in this post)

The balm - Revlon just bitten kissable balm statin - Crush: This little beauty was all the rage a couple of years back and it's still holds a strong place in my berry lip collection. The colour for me is as true to a berry shade as it could be and the formula ensures the product is long lasting. It can be slightly drying but with a decent enough lip balm underneath the lips shouldn't dry out too much.

The butter: Korres lip butter - Wild Rose: Again, an old favourite - the Korres lip butters are loved my many bloggers. The wild rose shade is perfect for Autumn with the shade being a slightly more of a pink berry. The beauty of this one is that the colour can be built up as you wish, with a little amount creating a sheer wash of colour but it can also be built up to a much more intense shade. A little note to add, this one can be a bit messy so I would recommend applying with a lip brush to avoid berry stained fingers!

The lacquer: Maybelline superstay 24 colour - Absolute Plum: Out of all the products mentioned this is the one that doesn't get as much use. I tend to find it drying as it dries matte and even with the balm end applied over the top my lip still feel dry and flaky. The colour is a divine shade of plum but the formula just needs working on a little.

The shimmer lip: Revlon super lustrous lipstick - Spiced Brandy: This little gem is definitely up there with my favourite lip products ever. I'm not sure if it's still available in stores but I'm sure it can be found online. It's a more of a brown toned berry but I still find it flattering on my fair skin, the super lustrous formula keeps the lips nourished for a little while also. With minimal eye makeup and this on the lips, the look is simply gorgeous.

The matte: MUA matte lipstick - Wild Berry: The most budget friendly of the lot is this gorgeous matte purple toned berry shade from MUA. For the price you really cannot complain, I think it was £1 or £2 but the colour pay off is amazing and the matte formula itself isn't too drying. A definite winner if you're on a budget, I have a few shades from the range and they are all lovely.

The vampy lip: Topshop Lipstick - Depth: Last but by no means least is this lipstick by Topshop, which is not for the faint hearted. This one is the vampiest of them all and is an intense shade, get it wrong and it could be mistaken for a bruised face but get it right and you will be modelling a gorgeous vampy berry lip. The consistency is quite a bit drying so again make sure your lips are well prepped to avoid flaking and drying. It is a gorgeous shade though and is sure to turn heads!

Friday, 7 November 2014

the favourites post - October 2014

Apologies for the lack of posts recently (*cough* since August, I'm ashamed) I have no excuse other than I have transferred unis and have been busy settling into my new accommodation and course. I have some spare time throughout the week and obviously at the weekends so I decided enough was enough - it's time to get back to the blog! I have also missed reading and writing posts too, so I'm excited to start again. 

October is over which means it's time to get festive and look forward to all things Christmassy. Throughout the month I've been loving a handful of products, some are new and some are old. 
The first being the Palmer's Cocoa butter concentrated cream - first things first this stuff smells incredible like simply delicious. It's nourishing and gentle on the skin and soaks in quickly leaving the dreamiest cocoa scent. For such an inexpensive product it is great for throwing in your bag and using when your skin is feeling a little worse for wear. The beauty of this product is that it's multi purpose and can be used on hands, feet, elbows, the list goes on... 

A product I've been meaning to try for the longest time is the Laura Mercier foundation primer, I bought the glamour beauty box and I think I squealed when I saw this was in it. This definitely helps your makeup to be more long lasting and creates such a smooth base for foundation to go on top. Primer is definitely an extra step that makes a big difference in the way your makeup applies and stays for the day/night. I've really been enjoying using this and it's now a firm favourite in my daily makeup routine. 

Now every blogger includes a berry lip in their Autumn months favourites I swear, but this months I've been all about the your lips but better shades and the nudes. I dug out this Rimmel Apocalips in the shade Celestial and have been wearing it loads. Apart from the scent, I adore everything about this product. The shade is so flattering on my skin tone and the finish ensures it sticks around for a good few hours before it needs reapplying.

If the Rimmel Apocalips hasn't been on my lips then the Maybelline Coloursensational in Sultry Sand has been. This shade is such a 90s throwback, fusing together grunge and glamour - it's a beautiful nude for fair skin, I do tend to pat the product out once applied so it doesn't look like concealer but once that's done it looks really flattering. Teamed with some winged eyeliner and highlighted cheek bones, it creates the most effortless look. 

With late nights and early mornings taking their toll it only meant one thing... The Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and I became best friends again. The creamy consistency makes it a dream to apply and it's long lasting and keeps the bags at bay. It may seem like a big investment for a concealer but a little goes a long way so it will last forever... well almost. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

the round up: liquid eyeliners

Liquid eyeliner is something I like to think I've mastered over the last few years. From my gothic (ish) days in years 9 and 10 I've been a fan of the stuff and since growing out of that stage I've ditched the heavy eyeliner and kohl for a more sophisticated feline flick.

I've experimented with a fair share of eyeliners, most of them from the drugstores and I'm going to do a quick roundup of the ones I've got on the go at the moment. A couple are good and a couple not so - so if you're on the market for a new eyeliner then this may be worth a read...

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6.00: 
Probably my favourite eyeliner I've ever used, the S&G super cat liner makes applying the feline flicks a much easier and enjoyable process (there's definitely less cotton buds and makeup remover used). The pigmentation of this product is good, very good - where some eyeliners tend to dry up with time this one (which I've had for a few months) still applies jet black in colour just like the first time I used it. For £6.00 from Boots it definitely doesn't break the bank and the results are just priceless.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner - £3.99:
Next up is a mediocre number from Rimmel, the nib on this one I prefer however the pigmentation is definitely not good. You really have to press down hard to get the deepest black and even then it still comes out a bit streaky and can all get a bit messy. For £3.99 you can't really expect much but it may be worth paying a little bit more for a better quality product.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - £12.00:
The most expensive of the bunch I managed to pick up this Eyeko full sized eyeliner in a mCagazine a few months ago - typically I picked up the Navy Blue colour (when I'd rather of had the black). However I feel it was a blessing in disguise and I've been embracing the Navy and have really enjoyed using it. For £12.00 it does seem a bit steep and the eyeliner is good, however it definitely does dry up quickly and it can be a bit temperamental. Colour wise - it's gorgeous and definitely a fun one to experiment with.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - £2.99: 
The cheapest of the lot is this eyeliner by Collection, this is definitely my most repurchased (this is probably my third or fourth) at £2.99 you just cannot fault the quality. The pigmentation is great, the pen nib is good and it creates a really lovely over all eyeliner look. If you're on a budget or starting out then this is definitely a good place to start...

Friday, 8 August 2014

the favourites post - July 2014

A little bit late this month but here is a belated July Favourites! It's been lovely and sunny throughout most of the month and on the odd days off I have I tried to make the most of the sunshine.

For my nails this month I've been loving the Rimmel Salon Pro varnish in Happily Ever After - this looks gorgeous on both finger nails and toes - the most beautiful coral/red/pink shade. The application is a dream too, with the brush being ideal to cover most of the nail in one swoop.
Now, I'm only 19 but I've really been enjoying this OLAY Anti Wrinkle day lotion, it's the perfect pre makeup face moisturiser as it's not greasy or oily and provides the skin with the nourishment it needs. It was pretty inexpensive too so definitely a good all around product.

Earlier on in the month I bought this Seventeen lipstick in the shade Blush - it's a gorgeous everyday mauve pink shade (similar to MAC Brave which is my all time favourite) the consistency is glossy yet not sticky and the colour pay off is really good too. For under a fiver they are definitely worth swatching, and I'm a fan of the sleek silver packaging too!
The L'Oreal eyeshadows have probably been a few peoples favourites this month as they are divine - I've recently written a whole post dedicated to them and over the past few weeks I've been wearing them on their own with a bit of mascara or added a bit of winged eyeliner for a more glam look.

Finally, these sunglasses have been constantly on my face (or head) this month, from New Look they were £4.99 which is an absolute bargain and I love the retro crossed with chic look they mix together.  I think the hughstreet shops like New Look, Topshop and H&M are really good with sunglasses and they're always affordable too... I'm still lusting over a pair of Ray Bans though...

Friday, 1 August 2014

the l'oréal launch

Every body and their blog has been raving about these shadows over the past month or so, a new release of shimmery and matte shadows from L'Oréal tempted me in too. So I picked up a couple of shades the other week and have been trying and testing them ever since. 
I picked up two shades to begin with - Nude 201 & Matte 106 were the ones that I felt I would wear the most. I have to say I'm not sure about the packaging, it seems that the shadows aren't secure properly and a few I opened in the shop the shadows were starting to crumble out of the container. 

However, don't judge a book by its cover as the quality of the shadows themselves are as everyone else has said, they are buttery soft and apply evenly so not a lot of blending is required (perfect for eye shadow noobs like me!)
I usually wear these shadows on their own because they are simply that beautiful, on top of the MAC Painterly paint pot these shadows stay set for a good few hours with not a crease in sight. I tend to opt for Nude 201 for evenings or special occasions as it has more of a shimmer in the shadow and I wear Matte 106 on a more daily basis as it's slightly more understated. 

These little pots of goodness can be found in Boots or Superdrug for about £7 each but it's definitely worth trying to pick them up whilst on 3 for 2 because one would simply not be enough...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

the £1 cream blusher

A cream blusher for £1 of great quality you may be asking? Well yes, MUA have their cream blushers spot on and for only £1 you could buy them all and still not break the bank. I've been off blush for a while now and been more of a bronzer girl but recently I've switched back as I feel blush can tie lips and cheeks in well if the lipstick and blush compliment each other well.

So I was browsing in Superdrug for some blushes which weren't going to set me back lots of pounds so I went over the MUA stand, after swatching their normal blushes and cream ones I decided on the cream finish as I prefer the dewier finish for the warmer months. I picked up the shades Yummy which the pinker of the two shades (bottom swatch) and Dolly which is the peachier shade.

My favourite brush to apply these babies with is hands down the Real Techniques Stippling Brush - it really blends the product into the skin beautifully. The beauty about these blushes is the consistency - they look divine on the skin, ensuring a fresh pop of colour and a dewy finish.
For £1 I'd highly recommend picking up a couple as they are some of the best cream blushes I've ever tried - MUA also have quite a few shades available too, so watch this space...

Thursday, 24 July 2014

products which last forever (or just a very long time) #1

Products which you only need a tiny amount of or a little goes a long way are my kind of products, especially when you're investing a lot of money. Today's post is dedicated to three products which have lasted me a long time and I've owned for months and months...

The Origins Drink Up Intensive mask I've probably owned for around 6 months or more, I use it twice or three times a week but you need the smallest amount to cover the whole face of an evening. The product itself is divine, it smells of apricots and when applied before bed I wake up with nourished and healthier looking skin. I'm sure this will last me more months to come as half the tube has not been used up yet!
The MAC Paint Pots are also products which seem to last forever, having owned Painterly (which I use almost everyday) for about a year it's still going strong and still works the same as it did on first use. I either wear this on the lids by itself just to even out the skin or use it as a primer before shadows to ensure they don't budge. They have a lot of other shades but for everyday wear this one is a keeper.
Finally, the OPI Nail Envy has lasted me an age also, I use this whenever I am painting my nails to help them maintain strength and length. This stuff is not cheap so it's nice to know that it lasts and lasts...

Friday, 18 July 2014

drugstore favourites #1

The drugstore is a great place to start if you're venturing into the world of beauty and makeup. They have such a wide variety of brands ranging from all different prices and qualities. This post will be the first of a series where I pick out my current favourites from Boots/Superdrug with most of the products being under £5!

Something I've been meaning to try for absolutely ages is the Vaseline Spray & Go, I bought this on offer as I thought the full £5 price tag was a bit expensive and I didn't expect the product to last as long as it has but it has lasted a few uses and there's still a lot of product in the bottle. This product works wonders as it's so easy and convenient to apply -- I always forget (can't be bothered) to apply body moisturiser post shower but this definitely speeds up the process and encourages me to persevere.
The Batiste Dry Shampoo for me is a life saver -- I'm trying to cut down on the amount I wash my hair as it's better to maintain the condition of your hair in the long run. So for day 2 or day 3 hair a few spritz of this rubbed in can make your hair feel like it's day 1 hair! Warning: some of them can make your hair look a bit white so spray from quite far away or make sure it's been brushed/rubbed in. There is some specific for blonde/brunette hair along with there being various other scents -- one of my favourites is the cherry!

The newest addition to my drugstore favourites is the Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask - for under £3 this mask really injects a lot of moisture into the skin and smells lovely too. It is more of a moisturiser consistency which is a bit odd but I just rub it in and then rub it off with a warm flannel. They have a few variations of masks similar so it's definitely worth having a nose in Superdrug.
Finally is a product I use almost daily to moisturise and add a sheen of colour to my lips -- the Blistex Lip Brilliance is a divine product which gets the balance perfect between colour and moisture and is just a pleasure to use, I always throw this in my bag if I'm in a rush as I know it will do what it says on the tin and not let me down...

Friday, 11 July 2014

bronzers: the good, the ok & the not so good

So being a fair skinned girl it's hard for me to pin down a good bronzer that can stay in my make up stash for a long, long time. I've tried many over the last few years but I always end up looking like a tangerine/glitter ball/or like I've been rolling around in the mud. I've found a couple I can really work with but it takes a lot of time to blend in to become that 'I've been in the sun' kind of look but this post is dedicated to the good, the ok and the not so good.

The good: The best bronzer I have found to date is The Body Shop honey matte bronzer (which is the at the bottom of the swatched arm). I recently mentioned this in my favourites post as it's divine and perfect for the paler girls. The consistency, colour pay off and packaging of the product are all gorgeous and it makes it a really well rounded good bronzer - this will be a firm favourite in my collection for a long while.

The ok: The Bourjois bronzing primer is what I was working with before TBS intervened as it is a really nice concept. I use this is a cream bronzer but it's more of a mousse consistency so I feel it is easy to go a bit OTT. Also - it is a more muddy orange colour so you need the tiniest and I mean tiniest amount on the brush or your fingers before you blend (the middle swatch) so you can really see how rich the colour is and how a little goes a long way.

The not so good: Finally another Bourjous bronzer - their chocolate bronzer is talked about a lot causing great controversy - some love and others loathe. I'm afraid this did nothing for me, not only is it really faint so you really have to use a lot of product before you get any colour pay off - it's just a really unflattering shade for the cooler skin tones so if you're like me and quite pasty then I'd give it a miss. I also dislike the gimmicky packaging and it definitely does not smell like chocolate so sorry Bourjois!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

tutti frutti

These lip butters have been quite the lip products over the past couple of years and I recently picked up a new shade as I had a £3 off Revlon voucher. I have a few other shades which I love, Lollipop and Peach Parfait are my favourites but as the sun is shining I thought I'd venture out for a more season appropriate shade and settled for Tutti Frutti.

Once again these have not let me down, the colour is perfect for spring/summer and the consistency is lightweight on the lips and not sticky at all. I'm definitely all for these lip products and will be browsing some more of the shades to add to my collection.

A short but sweet post/review but they are a gorgeous product from Revlon and I'd highly recommend testing them out if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

the favourites post - june 2014

So June is done and dusted for the year and what a lovely month it has been, here in the UK we have been spoilt with a few weeks of glorious sunshine and on my days off I tried to make the most of the gorgeous weather. I've had a bunch of favourites this month across the board and have really enjoyed using them loads - the majority are new discoveries but there is an old flame that features also.

First up is the most recent purchase which I bought just a few days ago but I've been wearing nothing else on my lips so felt I had to feature it. I've got a few shades of the Revlon Lip Butters which launched a couple of years ago and I had a £3 off Revlon voucher so decided to pick up a more summary shade - Tutti Frutti is now a firm favourite in my lip product collection - the shade is absolutely divine with the perfect consistency of a sheer wash of a corally pinky red to the lips, a flattering shade for all skin tones.
A miscellaneous favourite now concerns these hair bands from Primark. Hair bands all have the same purpose at the end of the day but I thought these put a bit of a twist on your standard black hair tie and feel the stripey and textured effects make them really cute to look at and jazz up a boring pony tail or bun.

The Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser has been a much hyped up product over the past few months since it's release - I was reluctant to buy it because of it's around the £5 mark price tag I felt it probably wouldn't last that long. However I picked up the pure oat one when it was on offer for about a third off so I thought I'd give it a trial run. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this as it is much more convenient and easier to apply than your average rub in body moisturiser. It will probably get used up quicker but for convenient purposes is definitely encourages you to moisturise post shower and for that I will probably repurchase many a time from now on!
On the topic of body products heres that old flame I mentioned earlier - now I'm prone to burning, a few hours in the sun and I will probably return a lobster but last year when I was faced with scorching sun in Greece I knew I needed a sunscreen I could rely on and that would keep my pasty skin safe and protected. With the hot weather in the UK making an appearance I decided to stock up on the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration suncream which is a dream. I love the scent, consistency and feel like I need to top it up a few times a day. It is a bit pricey but for the sake of your skin, I'd recommend this one.

I made a small Body Shop order at the beginning of the month and the product which I've been wearing almost everyday has been their Honey Matte Bronzer. I feel this really compliments my skin without looking too muddy or orange and has definitely made me a bronzer girl and say goodbye to blushes for a bit.
Finally a nail polish - I have been wearing this on my toes over the month of June and I'm sure it would look even nicer on you olive skinned or tanned girls. The Rimmel Salon Pro varnish in Happily Ever After is a gorgeous coral/pink/red which is perfect for summer - for under a fiver I'd definitely recommend picking it up next time you're out and about...

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

currently loving #2

The second instalment in my 'currently loving' series concerns lip product I've been wearing pretty much non stop just recently. These are all really different as I love to change up my lip products and wear a different one almost everyday.

The first product is my first ever Illamasqua lipstick! I bought this a few days before my birthday at the start of May and I love it lots. It's the most gorgeous vibrant pink shade which will flatter any skin tone, I think it really brings out my blue eyes too. The shade is Immodest and I would highly recommend it, however it is very matte so a decent balm will need to be put on before hand to stop it drying out the lips.

Up next is one which has been raved about quite recently, the Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvets are a relatively new launch in the drugstore and come in a limited number of shades. I bought the shade Frambourjoise which is a stunning berry red colour. The shade is a timeless classic and the formula leaves the colour on the lips for a long, long time.

The final product I've been loving the S&G Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss. The most recent purchase of the bunch I love how this products makes your lips feel after application. It says that it's a lip plumping gloss and you can actually feel the product working into the lips. The shade is a really pretty subtle peach colour too which provides the lips with just enough colour.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

space girl

So after my first bath using Rose Queen by Lush I decided to pop back and have another little look for another bath bomb. I ended up on choosing Space Girl because I was drawn in my the scarlet red shimmer on the top.

I absolutely loved using this as it smelt out of this world! It filled the bath with the most gorgeous deep violet colour and filled the bathroom with the most gorgeous aroma which smelt just like violet sweets.

I'm definitely going to continue my venture into the world of Lush bath bombs so if you have any recommendations then please leave them in the comments...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

the haul: the body shop

I love The Body Shop. Fact. I love their body butters, perfumes and a lot of their face washes and skincare bits. I recently placed an online order as they had an amazing buy 2, get 2 free offer (note: The Body Shop are the Queens when it comes to promotions/offers) so I thought I'd snap up such a good deal and order a few products. 

A product which is talked about a lot in the blogging world is their Honey Matte Bronzer, I have fallen in love with this bronzer as it's beautiful for my fair skin and the perfect shade of honey bronze - not too orange and not too brown. It makes the skin look lovely and glowy and I adore the packaging and the honey indented product itself.
Next I ordered another popular product - the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil which can be used on all skin types which is a bonus. I was really excited to try this out as you do get a lot of product and a handy pump. However after a few uses the product is good but I do find it irritates my eyes a bit when using it to remove eye makeup. It does the job and removes makeup well but just be weary if you have sensitive eyes/skin (which I don't) but it does irritate them slightly.

I then bought the Vanilla Eau De Toilette - on first scent I was expecting to like this a lot more than I initially did but it's definitely growing on me. It's much more of a deep, bitter vanilla scent as opposed to the sweet and sugary vanilla scent I was expecting. I will definitely go and have a sniff of them instore next time before buying blind.
Finally I bought one of the Colour Crush lipsticks in the shade 18 after seeing Essie Button sport it in many of her videos/vlogs. It is absolutely divine and like Estée I cannot stop wearing it! It's a lovely sheer wash of corally goodness to the lips with the most moisturising consistency - I will definitely be venturing out into more shades of this one - it's a winner.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

the tag: lipstick addict

From bottom to top: NARS Red Square - Illamasqua Immodest - Topshop Macaroon - MAC Brave - 17 Beehive - Max Factor Mauve Moment - Maybelinne Cashmere Rose - Collection Cotton Candy

I thought it was time to write up a post on the Lipstick Addict Tag as I'm lovin' watching the videos and reading the posts of the tag which Estée and Amelia created a month or so ago now. I love lipsticks and lip products and really enjoyed answering the tag - I also featured lots of different brands when looking back which I thought was quite good as it shows just how much different brands have to offer! 

1. Favourite balm/treatment? 
Like a lot of people there was one product which came straight to mind when thinking about this question. The Nuxe Réve de Miel lip balm has been the answer to all my prayers concerning problematic lips with issues such as being chapped and drying. The scent is gorgeous and it's a brilliant balm for overnight as your lips are guaranteed to still be nourished and hydrated when you wake up the next morning. 

2. Best eye-catching red?
There's a lot (and I mean a lot) of potential reds for this question - both the drugstores and more high end brands offer so many different types and shades of red. I settled on the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square, a recent addition to my collection I find myself reaching for it a lot. The formula is really long lasting and the colour is definitely eye-catching... a true red which is more orange based... a definite winner in my eyes. 

3. Best luxury and best drugstore? 
As I am a student and have to set myself budgets I don't own many luxury lipsticks, I've got my eyes on a couple of Chanel ones after watching/reading this tag but for the moment I have selected an Illamasqua number - the shade Immodest is absolutely stunning. Being a really vivid pink this one is not for the faint hearted and it is extremely drying but it can also be patted into the lips to give them a nice wash of colour. For drugstore I felt like I had to mention the Topshop lipsticks, I particularly love the shade Macaroon, as it's a lovely peachy coral which flatters many skin tones. The Topshop lipsticks are really great quality for around £8 and they do the most beautiful range of shades. 

4. Best MAC lipstick? 
This one had to go to my very first MAC lipstick which I still treasure and adore. Brave is a gorgeous mauve plum shade which I hardly hear anything about in the world of MAC. It's Satin finish makes it a dream to wear on the lips and I feel it really flatters my fair skin, I'm coming to the end of the bullet but I will definitely be repurchasing. 

5. The most disappointing? 
It was tricky to pick this one out as I tend to always do my research on lipsticks before hand. There's some shades that are a bit ruddy and definitely get put to the back of the stash but I had to pick 17's Beehive. This shade has been hugely hyped up by many bloggers and it is lovely. however it's more of a gloss than a lipstick and I feel it doesn't really compliment my skin and sort of washes me out. A disappoint for me but others swear by it so swatch it before you buy perhaps? 

6. Lip liner - yes or no? 
I would be lying if I said yes on the is question, lip liner can be fun but I hardly ever use it. I do have one though I thought I would mention as it is gorgeous I just can never be bothered to go the extra mile. The Max Factor Mauve Moment liner is a seriously lovely colour and if you're after a plum coloured liner then this could be a good one to start with. 

7. Best lipgloss? 
Again, this has been a popular answer on some of the tags I've seen but I am really loving the Maybelline Coloursentational shine gloss in Cashmere Rose, these are stunning layered over lipsticks but equally as beautiful on their own - not sticky at all and product a lovely sheer colour for the lips. 

8. Something extra? 
Liquid and cream lip products have been extremely popular with both luxury and highstreet brands over the last few years, with particular raves over YSL, L'Oreal and Bourjois. However I love a much cheaper alternative which is the Collection cream puffs, I love the shade Cotton Candy and although their colour range is really scarce it's worth picking them all up as they're about £4 each. They are top quality and I feel like they need to be more well known! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my version of the lipstick addict tag and please leave your versions or videos linked in the comments... I have my pen and paper ready to take notes on products I should have in my collection... 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

teeny tiny benefit

There's no doubt Benefit is a hugely popular and talked about brand in the beauty world, famous for their good quality products all with creative direction and amazing results. However the full size products themselves can be a little bit pricey and if you're a student or on a budget it's no always easy to test the latest launches or having a makeup bag brimming with benefit bits...

The brand seem to have recognised this and have began to bring out easier access to sample sizes and miniature products which is fantastic to a) keep the purses happy and b) makes it easy to trial and test the products before possibly venturing into the full size. You can buy the minis in Boots I think for under a tenner or keep your eyes peeled for magazines for the free samples that come with.

I've got a few little minis floating around, some which I have the full size of and others I just really enjoy using. Their that gal brightening primer is something which I haven't heard too much about but it's really a gorgeous highlight/primer, it's a pearly pink shade which looks elegantly beautiful placed onto the cheek bones and stippled out. For a subtle sheen it also looks beautiful mixed in with foundation to produce a healthy glow to the face.

Now, the professional primer is a very controversial product - it seems to either be loved or loathed and I'm 100% a lover. I've gone through about two full size tubes of the stuff and I just had to pick up the Elle magazine last month with a mini in because it is adorable. This product really helps to even out the skin and makes foundation look so much more flawless and silky smooths. As it isn't loved by everyone I would recommend picking up the smaller size if you're not sure just to give it a trial run.

Finally onto their erase paste (note: this is the full size I believe but it is tiny so I thought I would throw it in). Again, this isn't a concealer that I have heard much about but the coverage of this concealer is something else. It's a really heavy duty, thick concealer which still manages to feel light on the skin - this is perfect for keeping under eye bags at bay so take note...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

empty products #2

Another bunch of empty products calls for another empties posts. I've loved using all of these products and will be giving you the low down on them one-by-one.

The sweetest smelling of the bunch is the Burberry weekend perfume. I bought this for around £20 (I believe it was on offer) and I adore it. The smell is very unique and hard to describe but whenever I wore it I would always get compliments and questions on what perfume I was wearing! It's definitely one to have a smell of when in Boots as it is simply divine.
The Origins Jinzing moisturiser is one of those products which is constantly talked about in the beauty world and I am definitely on that bandwagon. This product smells gorgeous, of fresh oranges and is such a lightweight moisturiser for everyday wear. With most Origins products they may seem a bit more on the expensive side but they are totally worth the money and are very long lasting.

A much more cheaper product now but still one that hasn't been a disappointment is the MUA extreme curl mascara, at around £3 this mascara is amazing at creating and holding a curl on the lashes. A cheap and cheerful product which does the job and doesn't break the bank, it's a thumbs up from me.
Another drugstore empty is the Bourjois healthy balance face powder. This is my second or third one of this product as it's definitely one of my favourite powders. It is the perfect mix of coverage and not looking too powder-y. For around £8, I usually pick this up when it's on some sort of offer but if you're looking for a good all around face powder for under a tenner then this is a good shout.

Finally I've used up my first ever LUSH face mask, I bought the scent The Sacred Truth and although I wasn't too keen on the scent the product did really work in restoring moisture to my skin and making it feel super soft. I will definitely be looking into getting a couple more masks from Lush, my eyes are particularly drawn to the Oatifix one so watch this space...

Sunday, 1 June 2014

rose queen

It was my 19th birthday at the beginning of May and one of my lovely flatmates bought me this Lush bath ballistic bath bomb in Rose Queen. However we only had a shower ensuite at uni so I've been waiting a few weeks to get home and enjoy this in the bath! 

A few weeks on and I've had my bath with this little guy and it was divine. This big ball of fizz colours the bath a gorgeous fluorescent pink, fills the room with the most gorgeous rose scent and even dispenses small petals into the water. The product itself ensures your skin is left feeling soft and nourished and squeaky clean. 

This particular scent bomb gets a big thumbs up from me and I'm definitely going to be trying a few more in the future...