Wednesday, 22 January 2014

let's talk neutrals

This post is going to be very palette heavy - I'm a hoarder for neutral eyeshadow palettes along with many other beauty bloggers, but who can resist the gorgeous buttery shadow goodness?! I'll be talking about my favourites of the bunch and those which I could reach for a little bit more… 

To kick things off I'm going to start off with the more affordable palettes I have. My favourite definitely being the Heaven and Earth palette from MUA. Now I don't think this palette is being sold anymore which is such a shame as it really is gorgeous but for £4 MUA have a couple of alternatives (the undressed/undress me too palettes). The quality and shade range of this palette cannot be faulted -- with the shadows being beautifully blend able and all of the shades compliment each other well. If you're after a cheaper palette with a bit more depth then try the Beauty UK Earth Child palette, again at £3.99 the quality of these shadows is simply divine. I tend to push this one to the back of the drawer as I'm not one for trying greens and grey shades but this palette has a few charcoal grey shades and a couple of olive and moss greens too -- so if you're a bit more experimental than me with your shadows then this would be perfect. 
From top left clockwise: MUA, Sleek, Topshop, Beauty UK, MAC and middle is Urban Decay

The mid ranged priced palettes I own do not fail to let me down either. An absolute gem of a palette is the Sleek I Divine Eye Shadow Au Naturel palette (just a bit of a mouthful there) and at £7.99 this palette is still not really breaking the bank. The quality of these Sleek shadows and I would even say that they even rival MAC. The shades are the perfect mix of shimmery and matte from browns to lighter neutrals and even a black which is perfect for liner. I think I will continue to repurchase this when this palette gets used up as it's just such excellent value for money. Next is a little Topshop quad I picked up in one of their sales I think. I think I got it for half price at around £6, but I would definitely not pay £12 for this product. As pretty as the tortoise shell packaging is the quality of these shadows is pretty dire. Hardly any product is picked up and you really need to pack a lot on to actually see the golden shades on the lids. The darker shades are a better but I don't really venture out to navy/grey smokey eyes so these are pretty much untouched. 
Finally for the pricer palettes - I've made up my own MAC quad which gets a lot of use both during the day and for nights out. The shades which I have are: Satin Taupe, Patina, Ricepaper and Soba and I wouldn't change them -- the quad is absolutely perfect for me and the makeup looks I tend to wear. The MAC palettes and quads are a little on the pricey side especially when you have to fill them up but I think if you're after a bit of luxury in your eyeshadow collection then this is your answer and the beauty is you can make your own personal palette including all the shades you know you'll get use out of. Now I have saved the best until last, as I don't own any of the other Naked palettes by Urban Decay as I feel I have enough shimmery shadows when this gorgeous matte (bar one) Naked Basics palette was released a year or so ago I was sold. I've used this palette pretty much everyday since as it's just so multi purpose. I sometimes use the brown shade for the brows, the shimmery shade as a highlight and the black for liner. *Caution: the black shade is very messy and crumbly and goes everywhere! (Is this just mine?) Nevertheless I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone and for £20 it's just an absolute steal. 

The Products: 
4. Topshop Palette - no longer available 

Theres all of the shadow palettes that I own - please comment telling me your go to eye shadow palettes and if you love/dislike any of the above. Thanks for reading! 




  1. I like the look of the beauty UK one! I actually only own the naked 1 as far as eye shadows go. I was always a liquid eyeliner girl till I got this! I'd quite like to make my own mac quad too- be really good for travelling! or actually fitting in my make up bag! xo

    1. Yeah, I take my mac quad everywhere with me :) xx

  2. I quite fancy the Naked Basics, I love my UD palettes, but they do seem to lean strongly to the more shimmery side of things. x

    1. The matte shades are gorgeous and much better for everyday use! xx