Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lipstick lover: the mac edition

If I had to wear one makeup item for the rest of my life then the product would hands down be lipstick. From the moment you bring a lipstick home brand new in it's packaging when it's so perfect you could cry to the moment you've finished up to tube and you have to make the crucial decision to go out and get that shade again, lipstick is such a beautiful thing. I'm a little bit of a lipstick hoarder and I've got a collection of all sorts of shades from nudes to brights. Today I'm going to be discussing my MAC lipstick shades, I have 5 and although MAC lipsticks are creeping up in price every so often they are still absolutely stunning -- with the colour range being extensive and all of the different finishes being exquisite.
MAC lipsticks now retail for £15.00 and come in a number of different shades and finishes. The five shades that I own are: Brave, Hue, Vegas Volt, Morange and Lady Danger*. Two are amplified finishes and the others are satin, glaze and a matte. The beauty of MAC lipsticks is that there is definitely something for everyone depending on what you fancy. I'm quite a fan of bright lipsticks but I enjoy wearing nudes and other shades also. 
The first MAC lipstick that I ever bought when I was probably about 16, I remember going into one of their stores for the first time absolutely overwhelmed by the choices they had to offer. (At this point I advise chatting to one of the sales assistants). The lady asked me what I was looking for and I just wanted something I could wear every day without being too in your face. She suggest I try Brave and I swatched it on my hand and on my lips and from that alone I was sold. Brave is a satin finish so it does sit on the lips very well and does not cause any drying for me. MAC describe the shade as a 'pink beige with white pearl' and I agree with this but also think it has a hint of purple in. I think this shade really suits my complexion and as I've nearly ran out of the bullet I will definitely be buying this again.

The next lipstick I bought was Hue -- a very popular lipstick which is recommended for beginners trying out MAC makeup. Described as a 'soft pale pink' Hue is a glaze finish, making it very glossy and moisturising. This shade will suit many different skin tones and is a all around gorgeous lipstick which ticks all of the boxes.

Next up is Vegas Volt, which I bought in duty free before my holiday to Greece last summer. As I had quite subtle shades I decided to go for something a bit more bold. Now I absolutely love this shade and find it would look gorgeous on many skin tones. Described as a 'full power coral' this shade is exactly that and is not for the faint hearted. Being an amplified finish this lipstick is long lasting and highly pigmented. An absolute gem if you ask me.
Left to right: Brave, Hue, Vegas Volt, Morange and Lady Danger 

Another bright which I bought last summer is Morange by MAC. There is a lot of hype around this shade and I can certainly see why. Although I don't think this lipstick suits my pasty complexion 100% with a slight tan or on olive skin it would work wonders. Again being an amplified finish this one is full of fight and this 'loudmouth orange' (which is more on the red side) is a standout shade from MAC. 

The final addition to my small yet beautiful MAC lipstick collection is Lady Danger. A signature red which is worn by all sorts of celebrities and A listers, ooer. This little beauty was in my goodie bag which I received at the British Fashion Awards in December. This 'vivid bright coral red' is show stompingly gorgeous and although it can be a little bit drying due to the matte formula, a good lip balm before hand will sort this out. 

There is my short but sweet MAC lipstick collection, I have my eye on a few other shades *cough* Rebel and Ravishing I'm looking at you *cough* but I'll have to save up a few pennies before that. Please let me know which are your favourite MAC lipsticks and if you have any recommendations too. Thankyou for reading! 




  1. I love MAC lipsticks. One of my favourites that I never hear much about is Speak Louder. It's a Cremesheen, which I just love anyway, and the colour is such a beautiful, bright shade of pink. xx

    1. Oh I've not heard of it -- but it sounds lovely :) will definitely check it out! xx

  2. morange looks like such a beautiful shade! xx

    1. It's gorgeous -- especially on those lucky people who tan well! xx

  3. There is one MAC shade Im craving to try out :: Rebel.
    Any thoughts on this?

    Lovely post.

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    1. It's next on my list I think! xx