Friday, 3 January 2014

Operation: 2014

So as 2013 has come to an end it marks the beginning of a very new and exciting concept - the year of 2014. I'm not exactly sure where time is going but at the age of 18 I'm beginning to feel old - at almost 20 years of being on the planet the time has come for me as a young adult, to become more organised in regards education, work and life in general. This post is not the average cliche 'new year, new me', concept but is an insight as to how I will be organising my time in the coming year and how I try my best to stay on track of everyday tasks.

Some would say I'm a bit of a perfectionist -- I always want things done in certain ways and I'm not satisfied 100% until they are. A few of my pet peeves include people being late, those who forget important times or dates and the feeling of not having much control. I'm just starting my second semester of university and the past three months have taught me that organisation is vital. I have a few personal new years resolutions which I hope to keep up for as long as possible.

To manage all of my key dates for the upcoming week/month I make sure that I start the beginning of the year by jotting down friends and families birthdays on an annual calendar (this year I have an unbelievably cute pug one). I also make note of any assignment deadlines or dentist appointments so I know what is scheduled well in advance. 

Another useful and more depth way of arranging your time for the week is to invest in a weekly planner. (My sister bought me this really cute floral one for Christmas). These are excellent in ensuring weekly plans are set and can be ticked off once complete - ensuring a satisfying feeling of productivity or fulfilment. 

Finally I always make sure I've got a decent notebook or planner to jot down on the go ideas. I also use it for my 'to do lists' for certain days or the weekend so I'm clear of what needs to be done. I've just bought a new notebook from PaperChase which I love as it has gridded pages and coloured sections. It's perfect as I can use it for both uni lectures, blog ideas and everyday lists. 

So there's just a few tips on how I will be keeping organised for 2014. I am going to really try this year to dedicate more time to my blog which I intend to integrate with more lifestyle posts alongside beauty and some fashion related posts too. Finally -- happy new year to you all and I hope you are brought peace and happiness! 

Thanks for reading! 

Alt x

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