Sunday, 19 January 2014

Turn around bright eyes

So with the Christmas and New Year period definitely taking it's toll on my skin I have been on the hunt for a product that will decrease the appearance of my prominent dark circles under my eyes. Being off uni and not having lectures for the past month has encouraged me to watch films and youtube videos until silly o clock and lay in until midday - which is a habit I need to snap out of. 
Recently whilst browsing through boots (on a budget) my puffy eyes came across this product, the boots botanics refreshing eye roll on, which claims to 'target the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for all skin types'. Reading that the product contained brightening hibiscus made me pop it into my basket - at only £4.49 (and I got a further 25% off with a voucher) I had nothing to lose, surely? I am pleasantly surprised with this product, having used it for almost two weeks I'd say it works wonders in making the eyes feel more awake and nourished. The dark circles do not completely vanish but I think for the price this product is an excellent pick me up and the sooting rollerball helps to brighten the eyes and mind. 
The Product: 

Overall, if you're feeling tired or just need a product that will perk you up for a few hours then I think this could do the trick… Thanks for reading!




  1. This product seems good value for money - I'll definitely be purchasing it! Sounds good for a pick me up just to have in your bag :)

    I have a new post about my January Wishlist, would love to hear what you think :)


    1. It's great value for money :) yes, I highly recommend! xx