Monday, 3 February 2014

all around the world with nyx

Having never bought from Nyx before I decided to take the plunge after hearing many, many good things. I loved the look and sound of their lip creams, I thought they would be a lot like the Collection cream puffs (which they are) but Nyx had a much vaster shade range so I thought I'd give them ago.
I decided on the shades Tokyo and Amsterdam - I think the names of these lip creams are just too cute as their named after famous cities from all over the world! I selected Amsterdam as it was a shocking bright red shade which I'm sometimes partial too. I also opted for something much more contrasting, Tokyo looked like a much more subtle everyday shade which would just add a bit of colour to the lips. They had so many shades to choose from I was there pondering for a good hour or so, but I'll definitely be going back for more!
Not only do these lip creams look gorgeous on, have great pigmentation and last a long while they smell insanely good. The scent is sweet like cakes or something and I personally love it. The consistency of these is so creamy and easy to apply they are just so practical! 
Finally, although Nyx cosmetics are hard to buy in the UK (why, why, why?!) I ordered them for their usual price from with free delivery too! They have so many Nyx products on their site I think I'll be investing in a few of the blushes soon. Please let me know if you've tried these or what Nyx products you enjoy using. Thanks for reading!



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