Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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With the trend for brows being 'bigger is better' many people are doing all they can to beef up their brows if they are a bit scarce or accentuating their assets if they're lucky enough to have a good strong brow. I'm a bit between the two, I used to have really bushy brows but after plucking and waxing they've been through the wars. I'm lucky to still have enough of my brows to shape and they still look full and here's some of the products I use on a daily basis. 
I start by grooming through my brows getting rid of any excess product from before and just making sure they're brushed the same way. I use the Daniel Sandler spoolie: I bought this off ASOS for around a fiver but you can get spoolies pretty much anywhere and they all tend to do the same thing. 
I then take the RT brow brush to actually fill in my brows. I've come to the conclusion that I think this brush is a bit too big to get a precise shape and the brows can sometimes look a little bit OTT as it's not a very small brush, however I'm going to soon invest in the MAC 266 brush as I've heard it's excellent for getting a precise shape. 
The product I'm currently using to fill the brows in is the NYX eyebrow cake powder in the shade taupe/ash. I don't really use the tools that came with the product as I've got my own full sized ones and I find the mini ones to be too small and hard to handle! I basically just mix the powders together (only a tiny little bit) and then dip the brush in the wax (hence the grubby condition) I then follow the shape of my brow and fill in any areas I feel necessary until I'm happy with the result. It really is a simple as that.  I'm definitely one for experimenting with brow products but at the moment I feel this method really works for me and I'm happy with the final look. 

Please let me know what your go-to brow products are and if you've used any of the product I've mentioned above! Thanks for reading!



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