Friday, 14 February 2014

london fashion week autumn/winter '14: day 1

Forget about Valentines day, today marked the first day of London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2014. As part of my degree it's my duty to keep up to date with the latest fashion events, news and trends so I'm going to choose three collections each day and briefly discuss why I like them. Unfortunately I'm not going to be attending as it has called on my reading week so I am going back home for a week but now we have constant twitter, vogue and lfw updates and live streams so I can have a good browse through all of the collections. 
1. Jackie Lee (J JS Lee) 
This has probably got to be my favourite collection of the day, Central St Martin trained Jackie created some beautiful minimalistic looks in her show today. The monochrome simply oozes sophistication and class whilst mixing it with a subtle sports luxe trend makes the pieces current and trendy. I especially loved the big collars throughout the collection and feel they'll be filtered down to high street fashion this Autumn/Winter. 
I'm always a fan of the DAKS collection and this season was no different. An interesting choice of colours with the palette ranging from nudes, beiges and olive greens. There were a lot of mosaic inspired pieces which worked nicely with the military style garments too. Above is four of my favourite looks from the collection, particularly look three with the block shapes and contrasting finishes looking effortlessly stunning. 
3. Jean-Pirree Braganza 
Finally, the last of my top three shows of the day has to go to Mr Pirree Braganza. The collection was inspired by painter Artemisia Gentileschi where Jean juxtaposed illuminations with darker shadows. A lot of the pieces were very structured and androgynous. I also feel like a lot of the features on the garments will be filtered down to high street clothing for this AW. 

There's my opinions of my favourite collections from day one of Fashion Week. Please comment and let me know what collections you liked or if you were lucky enough to go! Thanks for reading! 


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