Saturday, 15 February 2014

london fashion week autumn/winter 14': day 2

Day 2 of London Fashion Week and the show stopping stunning collections just keep coming. Today was various key designers time to shine including JW Anderson, Jasper Conran and John Rocha. Here's three amazing collections from the day! 
1. Sibling: In their gorgeous collections today Sibling sported dropped denim hems and tangled knitted webs. An interesting design feature on a lot of their garments which made interesting textures and contrasts. Colour wise their palette had a mixture of both monochrome and bright oranges and pinks.
 2. John Rocha: The amazing John Rocha never fails to to produce absolutely exquisite statement pieces which have many intricate details and lots or textures. I especially loved the laced garments and feel this will trickle down to high street fashion. 
3. Holly Fulton: Holly Fulton again produced a pristine, clean cut collection at lfw today. Mixing lights and darks, pastels and shadows the collection was kept interesting and fresh. There were lots of structured shapes and fits and flares.

There's my favourite looks from the day and I'm looking forward to seeing more tomorrow! Please let me know your favourite collections from the days of lfw so far and thanks for reading!



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