Wednesday, 19 March 2014

a spring staple: the highlighter

I think everyone has had enough of winter now and is definitely ready for Spring. It's time to pack away the winter coats and boots and crack out the flip flops and spring dresses. One thing I think looks gorgeous in the spring time is highlighting the face, it adds a real glow and spring-like-esque to any makeup look. Dewy cheeks look beautiful with minimal eye makeup and glossy lips so I'm going to dive into my dusty stash of highlighters and give them the love they deserve. 

I only have one powder highlight and it's probably the one I wear the most. I feel I can get away with dusting a light handing of the MAC mineralise skin finish in Lightscapade onto my chubby cheeks at any time of the year. It's the most subtle highlight of the bunch and this highlight definitely demonstrates that less is more.

Liquid highlighters are probably my least favourite form of highlight as they can get pretty messy and I feel a lot of product can get wasted. I have two which are absolutely gorgeous but like I said, it gets messy. My No7 Skin Illuminator is absolutely gorgeous but is in the most frustrating packaging known to man. I bought it last summer so I'm not sure if they sell it anymore, but I'm after their new roll up highlight. Straight after photographing these I actually decanted it into a LUSH lip scrub pot as I realised just how much the packaging annoyed me! 

The other liquid highlight I have which I usually mix up with my foundation to give it a little bit of a dewy finish is the L'OREAL Lumi Maguique pure light primer. I've heard a lot of good things about this and I completely agree, this is beautiful for some subtle shimmer and blends really nicely when mixed with foundations. 
I really enjoy using cream highlighters which is the last category I'm going to be talking about. I have a stick cream highlighter which I believe I picked up in New Look(?) last summer. It would have definitely ben under a fiver and it's actually really gorgeous. It's easy to apply by just smudging a bit on the cheeks and then blending. So if you're on a budget or trying out highlight for the first time maybe check out and see if New Look or even Primark have those stands where you pay with the little makeup and accessories all lined up. 

Finally, a product which was SO hyped up a couple of years back and I'm reluctant to even use anymore as it's now sadly discontinued. The Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream in Iced Gold is absolutely flawless. I'm so sad that the brand is no more as this received so much hype and it's truly worth it. I won't go on about it because it's no longer available *cries* but if you have it don't neglect it this Spring, embrace it!

So dust off those highlighters of yours and make good use of them for the upcoming sunny months… 


  1. I love the L'Oreal primer, also I have the Jemma Kid highlight but in Rose Gold... I didn't like it at first but now I love it which is annoying because I can't get it!

    annie ||

    1. Ah, yeah I've heard the Rose Gold is beautiful! x

  2. I actually dont have a lot of highlighters, I really want to wear it more this year xox

    Kirsty : Tartan Bones

    1. Topshop do some nice ones too! x