Monday, 10 March 2014

empty products #1

So for a while now I've been hoarding some empty packaging to form an empties post! I really love reading these as you know the person has used the product up so you will get a good verdict on what they thought of the product. 

The first product which I was really glad yet sad to use up was the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo - the reason being because I recently got my hair cut a bit shorter because I prefer it when it's around shoulder length. However I noticed a huge difference using this and my hair was definitely growing longer, quicker! I would recommend it to anyone who's after longer locks! The next product which I finished off quite a while ago and have just been saving for this post is the Benefit Porefessional Primer. This seems to be quite a controversial product in the blogging world and I'm definitely for it, this intact is my second tube of the stuff. I feel it really smooths out my skin ready for my foundation and makes a visible difference to the overall finish of my foundation. 
The Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub has been something I've REALLY loved. It has lasted me a good few months and I've been using it sparingly because I never wanted it to end. If you like vanilla, honey, almondy sweet scents then you will love this. I will definitely be buying another and I've washed out the empty pot and now use it to store my oval cotton wool pads! Up next is yet another controversial product which was definitely my second or third bottle. The L'oreal Micellar Solution was talked about a lot last year as a possible high street version of the infamous Bioderma. Having not use Bioderma I can't make a comparison but as far as the L'oreal one goes I love it and have had no issues with it. As it's quite a bit cheaper I'll stick with it until… well who knows? 
The Mint Julips from LUSH is another empty to make the post. This product is simply divine and I would highly recommend to all of those who love the odd polo and need a bit of lip exfoliation. The Body Shop do really lovely body sprays and mosts and this one I've had for a good year or so, I used this Indian Jasmine scented one often and it's now all gone I'm definitely going to go back for some more scents! 
Finally, the last product of the bunch is the Treacle Moon My Coconut Island shower cream. Now I bought this before I started uni in September, use it daily in the shower and I've only just used it up -- that's pretty good going. This beefy bottle is from Tescos I think and the scent is gorgeous! It was cheap and cheerful but sometimes not a bad thing! 
So there's my recent products that I've used up and I hope you enjoyed the read! Please comment and say if you've used any of the above or tell me what you've recently ran out of and if you would repurchase or not. Thanks for reading! 




  1. Some great choices, love the pictures :)