Monday, 24 March 2014

the review: the sacred truth face mask (lush)

A week or so ago I decided I would pop into LUSH after dropping my sister at the station to go back home. She had come to London on a school trip so I managed to meet up with her which was so lovely and a lot of fun. Anyway, my skin has been playing up a bit recently. On the whole it's been ok but my forehead has been unusually dry and sometimes a bit flaky. I went into the store and asked the sales assistant what would be best for this face mask wise and she recommended this.

Out of all the yummy sounding and smelling face masks they had this would have been the last one I would have picked up. The Sacred Truth is apparently good for dry skin and protects the skin from ages also. When she recommended it I was first put off by the Papaya ingredient (not my favourite fragrance lets say) and I'm not a huge fan of the smell but I thought if she thinks it's the better one to choose then I should give it ago. 
I wasn't let down by the product at all but I'm not sure if I'm sold either, the scent really does put me off using it but once I get used to it it's not so bad. I keep it on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with a flannel. I definitely feel a difference in my skin and my forehead feels much more moisturised. I think for £5.95 the LUSH face masks are well priced as all the ingredients are fuss free and fresh. I keep this one in the fridge and use it every three days or so. 

I'm definitely glad I've given this one ago as I do think it's benefitted my skin really well. I'm also impressed that if you use five LUSH products up and clean the packaging up you can take them back to the store and you get a free mask (which is such a bonus). 
Once this pot has ran out I'm definitely going to give the other ones a try, I particularly have my eyes on their Oatifix one as it smells and sounds divine with all of my favourite flavours thrown in...


  1. My favourite is Cupcake! It's a real struggle not to eat it when it smells like chocolate haha x

    1. I am going to get that one next! xx