Tuesday, 4 March 2014

the favourites post: february 2014

The shortest month of the year has come and gone and a favourites post is due. There's a couple of brand new products in the post with a couple of old flames too. I hope you enjoy the read and please leave me links to your favourites of February! 
The first post that has been a real god send this past month has been the Freederm fast track gel. I'm not normally one for buying products with the really cheese adverts which say you're skin will look flawless in a day but I woke up one morning with loads (and I mean loads) of break outs on my face around my chin and mouth area - this is really unusual for me so I went into panic mode and my dearest mother said to give this a go. It really did work well in drying up the spots and making them a lot less angry and red and so much easier to cover up for my night out that night! Cheers Mum! 
The next product is a purchase I made right at the beginning of the month and have a more in-depth blog post about. The MAC studio fix fluid foundation has definitely made it into my favourites this month as I've really, really enjoyed using it. Although not too keen on the smell (smells a bit like paint) the consistency is gorgeous and I really love the finish of it on my skin. The colour match is close to perfect for me too which is such a bonus to have because most foundations are pretty much too dark or too orange. 
The next product is also a newbie for me, I bought the Burberry Weekend fragrance at the beginning of Feb too and I absolutely love it, I've worn it every day since I bought it and I feel it's gorgeous for both day time and evening scents. It wasn't too expensive either so if you come across this one then I recommend testing it out!
The next product is running out big time and this makes me unhappy because I know I'm just going to have to be forced to repurchasing it. My first ever MAC lipstick Brave is probably my favourite out of my collection and the bullet is getting shorter and shorter by the day. This is such a wearable shade and flatters my skin tone, the consistency is lovely being a satin finish so it's not too moisturising. I've not heard much about this shade but it definitely needs to get more recognition, it's absolutely stunning.
Finally the Real Techniques contour brush is making it's way into the favourites post this month as I've really been enjoying it for powdering under my eyes and on my nose with my compact powder. It picks up just enough product and is easy to use - what more could you ask for?!

So there's my favourites of this past month, please leave comments and links down below and I will check out your posts also! Thanks for reading!




  1. I'm really tempted to try out the Real Techniques contour brush! xx

    Mummy Beautiful

    1. I highly recommend :) it's great! xx