Tuesday, 22 April 2014

brushes: current favourites

Makeup brushes are those tools which you can rely on daily to help you apply, smudge and blend in makeup. I've got a fair few brushes (most of them Real Techniques) and this post is going to be a little insight to my favourite brushes and the ones I use the most. I'm going to branch out into other brush brands but for now these ones are excellent and all-in-all great value for money!

The Face Brushes:
The RT powder brush is arguably my all time favourite brush - it's absolutely massive and works a treat when applying translucent or mineral powder. It ensures all of the powder is blended evenly over the face without looking too much or too cakey. For concealer I use the RT deluxe crease brush - although it's intended to be an eye brush it's absolutely amazing for patting in concealer and has a much more flawless finish than a finger.

The Cheek Brushes: 
The RT contour brush is also a firm favourite of mine and I use it for a few things. I use this brush to attempt contouring, applying powder highlight and sometimes even dotting my blush to the apples of my cheeks and blending. For cream blushes or highlighters I tend to opt for the RT stippling brush as it's dense and picks up the right amount of product and helps to blend in the creamy consistencies well and without much effort at all.

The Eye Brushes: 
For the brows I always groom through them first with a spoolie - these can be picked up anywhere and are all pretty much the same - I happen to have a Daniel Sandler one which I picked up via ASOS. It does it's job well and was inexpensive too. Finally for blending shadows and whatnot my favourite brush without a doubt is possibly the Queen of all blending brushes - the MAC 217. This brush is absolutely foolproof and is so easy to use and blend in all of that shadowy goodness.

If you have any recommendations for any types of brushes then please do not hesitate to comment as a girl can never have too many makeup brushes, right?


  1. Real Techniques are my favourite brushes! xx


    1. They're amazing aren't they! xx