Sunday, 6 April 2014

pretty lids

I'm pretty sure the whole of the UK is aware that Spring is definitely on it's way. I think it's the perfect time to have a clothes and makeup sort out. I did this a week back and rediscovered how many cream eyeshadows I own and how I've been neglecting them slightly, but now the sun is making an appearance I have no excuse for hiding away all of the glittery goodness!My favourite quality about cream eyeshadows is how easy they are to apply, blend, add a coat of mascara and then you're good to go. These can be worn on their own or as a base with more powder shadows packed on top, to ensure they stay smudge free all day/night long. For a more glittery or shimmery look I tend to opt for either the Maybelline colour tattoos or the Benefit creaseless cream shadows. On and on Bronze, Permanent Taupe and Eternal Gold from the Maybelline collection are all so beautiful to blend, I tend to wear them on their own with a coat of mascara. The Benefit shadow in Sippin' n' Dippin' is a much more peachier tone, I like to wear it with shadows on the top, such as MAC rice paper or soba. For an everyday natural makeup look I will always and I mean always go for Painterly by MAC, it's such a staple in my makeup routine and I love how it just softens the lids and evens out the skin smoothly ready for shadows or liner. If you're after something quick and easy to add to your makeup routine to spruce it up a little bit then I recommend you invest in one of these… 

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