Saturday, 31 May 2014

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Most people associate the colder weather with dry, chapped lips and go out all out on ensuring they're nourished and moisturised but it's equally important to give your lips some TLC throughout the warmer months too. So I've gathered a few of my favourite balms and decided to post about why I love them so.

There is definitely a theme when it comes to my favourite lip balms, I love anything honey, mint, shea butter, vanillery based (as you could have probably guessed). These four are the ones I am always using because I am guaranteed good results. I tend to use these as soon as I wake up before applying my makeup or just before I go to sleep as I don't mind dipping in, however when I'm on the go I turn to a balm in stick form purely for hygiene purposes.

First up is the cult balm by Nuxe, their RĂ©ve de Miel lip balm is talked about by everyone online and has mustered up quite the reputation. At around ten pounds this is the most expensive of the bunch but if you're looking for a sweet smelling (and I mean sweet smelling) this balm leaves the lips feeling plump and smooth after use and is the most luxurious of the lot.
The Honeymania lip balm by The Body Shop is a cheep and cheerful lip balm which does the job. It keeps the lips moisturised and for £4 it doesn't break the bank. However, I would say this wears off more quickly than the others as it feels more like a sheen on the lips instead of an intense treatment so perhaps one for before/after lipsticks to keep the excess skin at bay.

A drugstore classic is up next, Carmex is a popular brand as it is easy to access in Boots or Superdrug and their Moisturising Lip Balm does exactly that. I adore the scent of this one as it really feels like it's doing the lips some good and I find myself using this all the time - I believe this is my third pot of the stuff!
The final product is not so much a lip balm but a lip scrub - Mint Julips by LUSH is a gorgeous lip exfoliant to ensure dead skin is scrubbed away effectively. They do a range of flavours but this one is my personal favourite... this lip scrub does also come with one other perk... yes, it is edible so you can lick it off, winner...

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