Friday, 11 July 2014

bronzers: the good, the ok & the not so good

So being a fair skinned girl it's hard for me to pin down a good bronzer that can stay in my make up stash for a long, long time. I've tried many over the last few years but I always end up looking like a tangerine/glitter ball/or like I've been rolling around in the mud. I've found a couple I can really work with but it takes a lot of time to blend in to become that 'I've been in the sun' kind of look but this post is dedicated to the good, the ok and the not so good.

The good: The best bronzer I have found to date is The Body Shop honey matte bronzer (which is the at the bottom of the swatched arm). I recently mentioned this in my favourites post as it's divine and perfect for the paler girls. The consistency, colour pay off and packaging of the product are all gorgeous and it makes it a really well rounded good bronzer - this will be a firm favourite in my collection for a long while.

The ok: The Bourjois bronzing primer is what I was working with before TBS intervened as it is a really nice concept. I use this is a cream bronzer but it's more of a mousse consistency so I feel it is easy to go a bit OTT. Also - it is a more muddy orange colour so you need the tiniest and I mean tiniest amount on the brush or your fingers before you blend (the middle swatch) so you can really see how rich the colour is and how a little goes a long way.

The not so good: Finally another Bourjous bronzer - their chocolate bronzer is talked about a lot causing great controversy - some love and others loathe. I'm afraid this did nothing for me, not only is it really faint so you really have to use a lot of product before you get any colour pay off - it's just a really unflattering shade for the cooler skin tones so if you're like me and quite pasty then I'd give it a miss. I also dislike the gimmicky packaging and it definitely does not smell like chocolate so sorry Bourjois!

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