Saturday, 16 August 2014

the round up: liquid eyeliners

Liquid eyeliner is something I like to think I've mastered over the last few years. From my gothic (ish) days in years 9 and 10 I've been a fan of the stuff and since growing out of that stage I've ditched the heavy eyeliner and kohl for a more sophisticated feline flick.

I've experimented with a fair share of eyeliners, most of them from the drugstores and I'm going to do a quick roundup of the ones I've got on the go at the moment. A couple are good and a couple not so - so if you're on the market for a new eyeliner then this may be worth a read...

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6.00: 
Probably my favourite eyeliner I've ever used, the S&G super cat liner makes applying the feline flicks a much easier and enjoyable process (there's definitely less cotton buds and makeup remover used). The pigmentation of this product is good, very good - where some eyeliners tend to dry up with time this one (which I've had for a few months) still applies jet black in colour just like the first time I used it. For £6.00 from Boots it definitely doesn't break the bank and the results are just priceless.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner - £3.99:
Next up is a mediocre number from Rimmel, the nib on this one I prefer however the pigmentation is definitely not good. You really have to press down hard to get the deepest black and even then it still comes out a bit streaky and can all get a bit messy. For £3.99 you can't really expect much but it may be worth paying a little bit more for a better quality product.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - £12.00:
The most expensive of the bunch I managed to pick up this Eyeko full sized eyeliner in a mCagazine a few months ago - typically I picked up the Navy Blue colour (when I'd rather of had the black). However I feel it was a blessing in disguise and I've been embracing the Navy and have really enjoyed using it. For £12.00 it does seem a bit steep and the eyeliner is good, however it definitely does dry up quickly and it can be a bit temperamental. Colour wise - it's gorgeous and definitely a fun one to experiment with.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - £2.99: 
The cheapest of the lot is this eyeliner by Collection, this is definitely my most repurchased (this is probably my third or fourth) at £2.99 you just cannot fault the quality. The pigmentation is great, the pen nib is good and it creates a really lovely over all eyeliner look. If you're on a budget or starting out then this is definitely a good place to start...

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