Sunday, 16 November 2014

brushes: the essentials

 When it comes to makeup brushes there is a lot out there, many high end and a few good drugstore ones too. Every blogger will have glasses/candle jars/ikea pots filled to the brim with various brushes but when it comes down to it how many are used regularly? I've decided to narrow down my favourite five that I use every time I apply my makeup - without fail. These five are all you will need, they are durable, good quality and some are multi purpose which is a huge plus in my books.

The beast of the bunch is the Real Techniques powder brush, I've raved about this one many a time and I'm not going to stop. Whether its powder, bronzer or even blush the massive head evenly distributes the product so it's not too heavy or uneven. The Real Techniques brushes wash so well and even after endless washes it is still as soft as when I first bought it. If you're a fan of RT and this little gem isn't in your collection then you need to invest... you're welcome in advance.

The little sister to the powder brush is also another winner from RT, their buffing brush is probably their most talked about and popular brush and for all good reasons. It applies foundation like a dream but can also double up for applying bronzer and blushes, cream or powder form. It really works the product into the skin and creates flawless results, I'm sure if you're reading this you will have this one in your collection but I couldn't not include it as it really is a miracle worker.

MAC brushes are known for being amazing quality and produce accurate and precise application. The 217 is no exception, again it has been raved about by every blogger and their blog but it really does live up to the expectation. I am the worst at applying eyeshadow, it always looks like I've let my little niece run riot with an eyeshadow palette and her stubby fingers on my lids, but this brush makes applying shadows so much easier. It blends nicely and packs a lot of product onto the lids, it is the most expensive of the bunch but it's my go to when applying shadows so for me its an investment worthwhile.

& other stories is one of my favourite shops to shop in, it's a real experience. The interior is exquisite, the products are divine and they have a pretty decent makeup range. I picked this eyebrow brush up from them on a whim and I haven't strayed from it since. It's nice and dense and really works well when applying shadow to the brows. If you use it lightly it gets the job done a treat, making your brows look fuller yet still natural. I'm eager to try out more of their brushes as this one proves to be so very good, so next time I take a trip to London expect lots of & other stories makeup/brushes reviews...

A spoolie. Kind of a brush, kind of a tool but I thought I would throw it in anyway as every girl knows it's an essential. If you want to keep those brows in check then this is your best friend, I picked this one up via ASOS, it's Daniel Sandler and it was not expensive at all. You can find them anywhere and they all pretty much do the same thing. I run this through my brows before and after doing them in the mornings and it really helps to establish the natural brow shape, making life much easier when it comes to filling them in and more importantly, keeping them in place...

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