Sunday, 30 November 2014

the favourites post - November 2014

As we venture into the month of December, the weather is getting colder, nights are getting shorter there's been a few favourites which have saved my skin and lips this month. Alongside some others which I've thoroughly been enjoying throughout November.

The Boots vitamin E gentle eye cream has been in my stash for a long, long time. It seems to be lasting forever as I use it most mornings. It's lightweight formula is perfect for dotting under the eyes and blending in the morning before applying makeup, as it really hydrates and nourishes the area around the eyes. It is inexpensive and sure lasts a while... so if you're on the hunt for a new eye cream then this one is definitely worth a try.
Onto more intense skincare products, the Hyraluron serum has saved my skin over the last few weeks. A little dot of this spreaded evenly over the face provides powerful hydration especially if you will be outside or in the cold. Your skin instantly feels brighter and more alive once this has been applied.
Wintery scents are an essential throughout the last few months of the year and this Body Shop vanilla eau de toilette fits the wintery scent category perfectly. It's very strong but simply stunning, I get lots of compliments when wearing it, a couple of sprays are enough as it is very powerful but still divine.
For cheeks this month I've been non stop wearing this Sleek blush in the shade Pomegranate, it's a gorgeous pinky plum shade which flatters many skin tones, especially the fairer ones. The formula is well pigmented and easy to blend. Sleek blushes are such good value for money, and there's an array of shades to choose from.
The RĂ©ve de Miel lip balm was bound to crop up in one mostly favourites throughout the winter months and November is the one. An amazing lip balm which really nourishes the lips, perfect for daytime or night or whenever they need nourishing...

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